Stormy Daniels Compares Trump's Penis To "Mushroom Character In Mario Kart"

Angelo Anderson
September 18, 2018

This revelation comes courtesy of Stormy Daniels and her upcoming book Full Disclosure, as quoted by the Guardian.

Trump's bodyguard invites Daniels to dinner, which turns out to be an invitation to Trump's penthouse, she writes, in a description of alleged events that Daniels has disclosed previously but which in the book are rendered with new and lurid detail.

"Then, to make it crazier, Hillary Clinton called", Daniels writes.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, alleges she and Trump had an affair in 2006.

In Full Disclosure, Daniels describes her mounting disbelief as Trump started to win primary contests in 2016 for the Republican presidential nomination. Specifically, she compares it to the mushroom character, Toad, from Mario Kart. She also claims that it is "unusual" in shape and "it has a huge mushroom head" that's "like a toadstool".

Daniels further alleges that Trump "didn't want" to be president, and offered to help her succeed on his reality television show, "The Apprentice". "And we can devise your technique".

She claims he even suggested a strategy to allow her to survive through several episodes, saying "he was going to have me cheat, and it was 100 percent his idea".

In sum, Daniels describes the encounter as "the least impressive sex I'd ever had, but clearly, he didn't share that opinion".

Full Disclosure is set to be released on October 2.

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