'Least impressive sex I've ever had': Stormy Daniels about Trump

Lester Mason
September 19, 2018

America's always been fascinated with the penises of presidents, and Trump himself has openly discussed the size of it, saying he had "no problem" down there, and noting that it was not "small".

Daniels, in her new book Full Disclosure, alleges that at one point during Hillary Clinton's primary run against Barack Obama, Clinton and Trump had a phone conversation about the upcoming election.

The "Mario Kart" character mentioned by Daniels is most likely Toad, a close associate of Princess Peach and a prominent inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom.

In her book, Full Disclosure, a copy of which was seen by The Guardian, Ms Daniels claims Mr Trump repeatedly called her over the next year promising to put her on The Apprentice. "It has a huge mushroom head". According to Daniels, Trump's penthouse was the setting where she had the encounter at. She describes her experience in the book as "the least impressive sex I'd ever had".

Daniels is said to have met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe back in 2006, by which point she had already achieved a level of success in the adult film industry. To help you out - a toadstool is the cartoon mushroom character in the popular Nintendo game, Mario Kart.

Daniels also claims that Trump invited her to be a contestant on his show The Apprentice and offered to rig the competition so that she won.

The Guardian said it had obtained a copy of the book ahead of its publication on October 2, a month ahead of the key U.S. midterm elections. Daniels was reportedly paid $130,000 in late 2016 by Trump's then-attorney Michael Cohen. Apart from all the sleazy details about Trump, Daniels also opens up about her own life.

I'm glad she didn't name him. "And we can devise your technique".

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