Sky Q customers can now get Netflix integrated to their service

Angelo Anderson
September 19, 2018

As Sky continues its push to maintain subscribers, the partnership with Netflix makes sense. You'll find highlighted TV shows from Netflix and Sky sitting side by side in the Home page, or you can peruse each service's contents separately in the On Demand section.

Ultimate on Demand is available on a 31-day rolling contract, and can be easily signed up for through the Netflix app on Sky Q. Once a customer has signed up for Ultimate on Demand, any existing Netflix account can be automatically moved payment-wise into the new Sky Ultimate on Demand package, meaning that users stop paying the singular Netflix fee and now just pay for Ultimate on Demand.

Ultimate on Demand will cost £10 per month which includes access to Sky Box Sets (usually £5 per month) and Netflix Standard (£7.99) - giving customers a saving of £2.99 per month. It's more than just the app being added to the Sky Q box and customers can even save money with the deal.

The short version of this hands on review is that Netflix on Sky Q is a fabulous thing, with the content might of the former seamlessly integrating side-by-side with Sky's hardware system and content offering, which remains now more than ever the best-in-class proposition compared to its rivals.

How much does Netflix cost on Sky Q? Sky has said that Netflix will arrive in November with a specific date still to be confirmed. But if you only have a Sky Q Entertainment subscription, you'll only be getting Netflix's Standard Plan for the same price - two screens at once, and no 4K content.

Of course, with Sky not supporting HDR just yet, you'll be able to see Netflix's shows in 4K only, but not HDR.

Note: You will need to have an existing Sky Q Entertainment subscription (£20 per month). It will also mean that Netflix programming is integrated into the Sky Q interface rather than accessible.

Will I keep my Netflix profile on Sky Q? Sky Go and Sky Q will remain separate.

Instead, they'll be able to access Netflix content directly from their Sky Q dashboard. You can load the app with Sky's voice search but you can't use it to voice search within Netflix - this will arrive as an update in 2019.

If you do choose to add this bundle to your Sky bill, you'll still use your existing Netflix login as normal on your computer, phone or tablet; the billing is simply handled by Sky.

While voice search isn't yet working across Netflix titles, plenty of considerations have been made to make finding the Netflix content you want as easy as possible.

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