The Patriots Hope Josh Gordon Is a Big Catch

Annette Crawford
September 19, 2018

When the news broke that the New England Patriots were the team able to strike a deal for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, it created a big uproar.

At least, that's what most everybody believed, until Belichick stepped to the podium on Wednesday morning and stated that the team is still going through some personnel moves, and that he's not prepared to talk about them until they're finalized. The trade will go down as the Pats sending a fifth-round pick to Cleveland for Gordon and a seventh-round selection. Since those reports, the Patriots and Browns have announced the trade.

How the heck is the deal not "official?"

Before diving into the press conference, here's what may be giving Belichick pause about discussing Gordon.

The situation turned freakish and confusing during the presser. which Belichick opened by saying the team was "still working through some transactions on the team, so we'll have those for you when we start practice". The trade is expected to be completed soon, Pelissero added.

Belichick: "You can ask".

So that one's not done, even though it was on the league transaction wire yesterday?

What is still pending in the process?

When asked what still needs to get done, Belichick said, "The finish of the trade".

What's the last step that has to be made so that it's done?

When asked by Tom E. Curran what specifically needs to be done in that finish of the trade, Belichick answered, "I'd guess it has to be finalized, Tom". I guess that would do it.

Can you comment generally about Gordon's play?

"I'm not going to talk about players that aren't actually on our roster totally", Belichick said. "So when that happens, it happens, if it happens".

Reporter: "Since the trade was on the wire, wasn't it finalized?". The coach then said the trade had to be finalized, which was confusing considering the National Football League seemed to finalize it on Tuesday and the team has been tweeting about the player for two days. Until they're completed, then I'm not gonna get into it.

Did you have a chance to meet with Gordon? The Patriots' official website also lists Gordon on the roster.

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