Cathay Paciic: Mistakes on a plane!

Lloyd Doyle
September 20, 2018

Cathay Pacific recently gave one of its planes a brand new paint job, somehow making a slight spelling error in the process.

The airline, which may have to pony up a few thousand dollars to fix the error, tried to have a sense of humor about it all, posting pictures of the plane on Twitter and noting, "Oops this special livery won't last long!" She's going back to the shop!'

The photos surfaced via the Hong Kong Aviation Discussion Board Facebook group, but it's still not clear just how such an epic mix-up could have happened - and some are a little suspicious.

And although the airlines believes it was down to a mistake, an engineer for Haeco - Cathay Pacific's sister company - isn't convinced.

Cathay Pacific's name comes from Cathay being the ancient name given to China, and Pacific as one of its founders in 1946 hoped one day the airline would fly across the Pacific Ocean, something it achieved in the Seventies. It arrived in Hong Kong in the early hours of Wednesday morning, having been part of the fleet since 2004.

Twitter users were quick to savor this most titanic of typos.

I guess the "F" isn't working on someone's keyboard.

The airline's in-flight entertainment manager also got in on the act.

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