European Union leaders agree Theresa May’s Brexit plan ‘will not work’

Lloyd Doyle
September 20, 2018

The Prime Minister made the announcement after Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, savaged her Chequers plans, saying it "would not work".

The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier hinted the EU was willing to compromise with Britain in order to strike a deal - something that would provide a much needed boost to the Prime Minister.

When asked whether a bad deal was better than no deal Macron declined to say, but said he would "never accept a deal which will damage Europe".

It's time for a people's vote on Brexit, with the option to stay and lead reform from within the EU.

The UK industry - already feeling the effects of a crackdown on diesel-powered cars in its largest European Union markets amid jittery demand - fears Brexit could result in lost access to vital European Union workers and massive costs from tariffs and additional red tape including supply chain disruption.

"It's even more true since they left the day after so as not to have to deal with it", he added, referring to top Brexit proponents. He then had a face-to-face conversation with May, which she described as "frank".

The Prime Minsiter will hold talks with both Irish premier Leo Varadkar and Mr Tusk in the margins of the Salzburg summit.

The British government argues Brussels' alternative plan, which would see Northern Ireland remain in the customs union until a new arrangement could be agreed, would effectively create a border between the North and the rest of the United Kingdom - something the PM has said she could not accept.

Neither side wants an arrangement that would require the rebuilding of border infrastructure, the removal of which was a key part of the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland after years of sectarian strife.

"In October we expect maximum progress and results in the Brexit talks and then we will decide whether conditions are there to call an extra summit in November to finalise and formalise the deal", he said.

Tusk said the "moment of truth" in negotiations would come at a European Council meeting scheduled for next month. The French president had been infuriated by May's warning earlier in the day to the Irish taoiseach that she believed a solution on the issue could not be found by October, despite previous promises to the contrary.

An EU official said: "Things did not happen as we expected". "This does make things more hard". But the rejection of the Chequers plan gave her critics within her party immediate ammunition.

She has flatly rejected a European Commission backstop proposal for Northern Ireland to remain within the EU customs area after Brexit, arguing this would draw a border down the Irish Sea.

This comes despite other comments that Chequers has some "positive elements".

Other scenarios could include a snap general election, or the Prime Minister calling for one in the event of a no-deal scenario looking likely. And they made a decision to join the European Union with its rules.

"They were projecting that Chequers wouldn't work for them but to do it in this way I thought was pretty disgusting actually".

There is no way she can get her "no deal" through Parliament.

The UK auto industry has demanded Brexit negotiators rule out a "no-deal" scenario immediately, to avoid costly damage to the sector across Europe.

Most checks can take place away from the border, at company premises, or the market, ' Barnier said of customs and regulatory checks on goods that might move from British mainland to Northern Ireland.

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