How To Get An iPhone XS On Launch Day

Doris Richards
September 20, 2018

Jason Hiner and Bill Detwiler discuss Apple's latest mobile hardware, including the most expensive iPhone ever and the increasingly health-conscious Apple Watch Series 4. The XS Max on the other hand starts at Dh210 per month for two years for the 64GB variant, with the 512GB XS Max costing Dh275 per month for the same term.

As reported by MacRumors, these three new iPhones recently made a pass through China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for approval ahead of launch.

Patel also noted that the XS Max is merely the same phone with a bigger screen and slightly better battery.

Since the iPhone XS launched, the interwebs have been aflame with angry iPhone users who updated to iOS 12 only to find their batteries were performing more poorly. He plans to get two units of the larger iPhone XS Max. One would have assumed that Apple would fit a bigger battery in its OLED iPhone XS rather than the XR which comes with a lower resolution LCD display. At the moment, Airtel will be offering the iPhone XS and XS Max at its original prices, but in the future, it might come up with monthly EMI and bundled postpaid scheme, like it's offering right now for the Apple iPhone X.

He said he expected the crowd to consist of hardcore Apple fans and shoppers looking for a larger phone, as opposed to those seeking to upgrade their current iPhone X. The iPhone Xs is a direct replacement for the 2017 iPhone X with a 5.8-inch screen, starting at $999. Remember, Apple's been using just 2GB of RAM in popular phones like the iPhone 8 and 7 and, I can assure you, they run extremely well regardless. The iPhone XS makes Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a great buy though. For comparison, the iPhone X in a descending channel from the same provider showed of 27.67 Mbps.

This, in turn, gave Apple an incredibly diverse iPhone lineup: As of past year, Apple's iPhone lineup featured models priced from $350 all the way to $1,149, giving customers a wide range of options to choose from.

The hypothesis comes to us from Ryan Reith, vice president of IDC, which further informs us of the fact that Apple would not have a sufficient number of displays to ensure a valid marketing launch.

"We were here for iPhone 8 and iPhone X so even though we forgot to bring sleeping bags, it is well worth the wait", he said.

A day that should be marked on your calendars, because the brand new iPhones can also be pre-ordered from tomorrow, 21 September (aside from the "cheaper" iPhone XR, which we don't have a release date for yet).

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