Kanye West Sends a Message to Nick Cannon, Drake and Tyson Beckford

Angelo Anderson
September 20, 2018

Kanye has finally broken his silence over the cheating rumours between Kim Kardashian and Drake.

While walking underneath the "L" in Chicago Thursday afternoon, the rapper, 41, posted a series of videos to Instagram in which he addressed comments Nick Cannon, Drake and Tyson Beckford have made about his wife recently.

"I just want to express some things that were not sitting right with my spirit".

The rapper says now that he is "out of the sunken place", and he can express how he really feels. "Second thing is, I want to tell you about the ideas I'm working on firsthand that I've tweeted and Instagrammed about".

"[When] you get in an interview, don't mention my wife", West says about Cannon's comments on the alleged fling between Kardashian West and Drake.

"If someone brings my wife up, you say, 'I respect that man, I'm not speaking on that.' Don't be making no suggestions, like nobody fu**ed my wife", said Kanye.

"The fact that there are people thinking that and making rumors that you f**ked my wife and you not saying nothing and carrying like it like that, that doesn't sit well with my spirit" continued Kanye.

Though West and Drake previously squashed the beef surrounding Pusha T, Kanye evidently had a new bone to pick with 6 God. He also warned model Tyson Beckford not to speak on his wife, because "it don't sit well with his spirit".

The "I Love It" artist said that if Drake was married to Rihanna, he wouldn't put out a song called "Riri" in regards to the rumor that states "In My Felings" is about Kim Kardashian. You know where that come from. "Period. We don't have to talk again, I'm giving no energy to that", Kanye said. We'll come to a resolution. You know where that come from. "All that just isn't sitting right with me". The G.O.O.D Music mogul took a moment to air out his grievances, pointed at specific individuals, namely Nick Cannon, Drake and Tyson Beckford.

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