Canadiens' Drouin blames Ekblad after Domi sucker punch

Annette Crawford
September 21, 2018

Most of the Habs players skated back to some degree to reset, except for Domi who was having a conversation with Florida Panthers defenceman Aaron Ekblad in the corner.

In his first preseason game in a Canadiens uniform, playing as the first line centre, Domi did something remarkably stupid Wednesday night that might have put that whole experiment in jeopardy. It was the beginning of the third period, and the Habs were still down 2-1 and in need of a strong push to get back in the game.

Domi had a hearing with NHL Player Safety for his attack on Ekblad Thursday afternoon, and it's hard to mount up a case against a suspension.

It's also worth noting that Ekblad has a history of concussions, and left the game to go through the concussion protocol.

After engaging the Panthers all-star defenceman in the corner, Domi clutched onto the former Calder Trophy victor by the collar of his jersey and mixed in a few left-handed rabbit shots before shaking the mitt of his right and delivering a devastating blow to the head of Ekblad, who dropped to the ice and came up sporting a bloody face before angrily heading to the room for evaluation. There's intent from the 23-year-old to drop the gloves and throw some hands, but Ekblad wasn't interested. Then, he delivered a bare-fisted sucker-punch straight into the defenseman's grill.

"Bit of a gutless play". "I'm sure the league will look at it and we definitely won't forget about it".

"You don't do that". The bloodied Ekblad dropped to the ice, left the game - at the NHL's request - and did not return. It's preseason, so maybe guys are trying to make an impression.

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