Fire tornado caught on cam in Vanderhoof, B.C.

Lester Mason
September 21, 2018

Footage posted online by Mary Schidlowsky shows a fire tornado near Vanderhoof, B.C., a municipality about 100 kilometres west of Prince George.

Next, the video shows the fire tornado, which apparently grew to over 200 feet tall.

"Holy f.", Schidlowsky says as the line twists in the sky.

She wrote about the first firenado recorded this year: 'That's definitely a first.

In the video, firefighters try to control a hose that was ripped into the air by extreme winds as a fire rages nearby.

Schidlowsky said the column of air extended at least 200ft up, but visibility was marred by heavy smoke.

Fire tornadoes are caused by a unsafe mix of heat and wind, which can then start to rotate like a tornado. The updrafts of air catch fire and the swirl sucks in ash and debris.

VANCOUVER-A video taken last month and posted to Instagram two days ago illustrates the intense conditions wildfire crews can encounter on the line.

The crew felt they were a safe distance from the whirl, said Tower, but the video has prompted a review of proper responses to future scenarios.

If smoke and flames weren't bad enough, sometimes firefighters battling blazes in the bush are forced deal with fire tornadoes. At one point, more than 600 fires burned across the province. Large wildfires can emit so much heat that they can create their own weather patterns, he said.

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