‘Firefox Reality’: Mozilla’s New VR Web Browser

Doris Richards
September 22, 2018

But Mozilla is working on support for related technologies such as augmented reality, which overlays computer-generated imagery onto real-world scenes, and mixed reality, which blends digital imagery with real-world scenes through goggles like the Magic Leap One.

However, if you thought VR is no longer a thing, you couldn't be more wrong. The latest effort to do so is Firefox Reality, a new browser launched today for virtual reality platforms including Oculus, Daydream, and Viveport. The WebVR standard is a fundamental pillar of a project that also recommends the contents and experiences of virtual reality.

Firefox Reality is immediately available for the major VR headsets on the market and can be downloaded for Oculus (and it supports Oculus Go) and Google Daydream (and its all-in-one devices).

The Firefox Reality VR browser has been in development since before it was initially announced in April and integrates performance-enhancing upgrades added with the browser's Quantum release last November designed for mobile. How does that translate into a VR experience? "It makes a big difference, and we think you will love all of the features and details that we've created specifically for a MR browser".

Firefox Reality is built from scratch for virtual reality, and the team dedicated a lot of its resources to making sure the experience feels natural and intuitive on VR headsets.

Firefox Reality lets you use your voice to search so you don't have to type with an awkward handheld pointer. For starters, although virtual keyboard inputs are still an option, voice typing is among the features being touted as a solution to the hassle of typing one key at a time in VR. In the coming months browser functionality hihglights such as bookmarks, 360 videos, accounts, and more will be added. We asked questions like: "What is missing?"

"We had to rethink everything, including navigation, text-input, environments, search and more", said Andre Vrignaud, head of mixed reality platform strategy at Mozilla.

Of course, you can browse the web as you normally would on your PC or mobile device as well.

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