LeBron James empathizes with Serena Williams in wake of US Open outburst

Annette Crawford
September 22, 2018

Even though Williams ultimately lost the game, the strength she showed in standing up for herself has further solidified her place as a victor, role model and G.O.A.T.

Despite all this, the sequence of events over the course of the U.S. Open women's final brought controversy, anger and support from all angles. But the story got hijacked by an umpire with a damaged ego.

It was an unusual scene.

She is normally gracious on the rare occasions she loses, so I think we should cut her a break here. He anticipates that wasn't the dilemma which took place in the Arthur Ashe Stadium of a Grand Slam final. The first thing Williams needs to do is make a public apology to Umpire Carlos Ramos and to her opponent Naomi Osaka. Williams never asks for coaching during her matches, even when it is allowed on the regular WTA circuit. The problem in this situation is that even for the most experienced umpires, the coaching violation rule remains an ambiguous one. The second one was for racket abuse when Serena threw her racket on the ground and broke it. If she managed to keep serve, it was her best opportunity to regain her momentum.

"Osaka, she is a new generation playing Serena's game". Did she simply explode because she failed to take advantage of a possible turning point?

"It's interesting but I think it's important to look at it".

Osaka, turning 21 next month, was born in Japan and grew up largely in the United States, moving here when she was 3. The chair umpire then judged her outburst as a third violation, which cost Williams an entire game as a penalty.

If the matter had ended there, the focus would be on the up-and-comer Osaka and her impressive victory over one of the greatest tennis players of all time. However, he also said he hopes sexism didn't play a role at the US Open. Carillo also spoke up in defense for Osaka, blaming Williams for "poisoning the atmosphere" for the 20-year-old victor. But if they have real grievances, there are proper guidelines and procedures to follow. While Williams' comments were over-the-top, there are times when similar behavior does not receive a warning.

In the typical fashion of athletes who face an unfair or incorrect decision by a chair umpire, Serena contested. The fact that a match that many expected to be a spectacular clash of power and technique dissolved into such a debacle is unfortunate. After, she accused Ramos of being harsh and sexist with his calls against her. In "Trump's America", I feel that the attitude of saying whatever you want to say without repercussions, along with societal divisions and hatred, are spreading.

For those unaware of the situation, I will briefly summarize. She received a code violation for this. Serena's still got a chance to win Slams, no doubt about that.

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