Russian Federation plotted sneaking Julian Assange out of Ecuadorian Embassy in London

Lester Mason
September 22, 2018

The plan involved giving Assange diplomatic records and smuggling Assange out of the embassy in London on Christmas Eve in 2017.

Government documents obtained by Reuters outline the failed plot, which was supposed to be hatched that December. The Ecuadorean foreign ministry could not be reached for comment.

Ecuador chose to rescind its offer as a result, according to Reuters.

The "special designation" status awarded by the Ecuadorian president would allow Assange to hold diplomatic posts overseas even if the whistleblower is not career diplomat.

A tentative plan that would have seen Assange snuck out of the embassy in a diplomatic vehicle on Christmas Eve 2017 and ultimately brought to Russian Federation was the result.

On Dec. 19, the country reportedly approved a "special designation in favor of Mr".

"The Embassy has never engaged either with Ecuadorian colleagues, or with anyone else, in discussions on any kind of Russia's participation in ending Mr Assange's stay within the diplomatic mission of Ecuador", it wrote.

The Reuters report comes a day after Paola Vintimilla, a member of the Ecuadorian parliament, started raising public questions about Julian Assange's status inside the country's London embassy and about the citizenship Assange was granted a year ago. The document came after Assange was granted citizenship there.

Mr. Assange, 47, was granted asylum by Ecuador within weeks of seeking refuge in its London embassy more than six years ago, though an outstanding arrest warrant issued by United Kingdom authorities and the related risk of being extradited overseas have kept him from exiting ever since. He's been holed up there since 2012.

One tentative plan involved smuggling Mr. Assange out of the embassy in a diplomatic vehicle on Christmas Eve and transporting him to another country, possibly Russian Federation, where he stood a lesser risk of being extradited to the US and tried on charges related to his WikiLeaks website, The Guardian reported. One ultimate destination, multiple sources have said, was Russian Federation, where Assange would not be at risk of extradition to the US. She also said that it is not clear precisely what legal status Assange has, as he appears to have withdrawn his asylum claim as of December 4, 2017, just eight days prior to his being granted citizenship.

The Russian embassy in London tweeted on Friday to say the "Guardian" report was "another example of disinformation and fake news from the British media".

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