Trump Asked About His Golf Course During Hurricane Florence Visit

Mindy Sparks
September 22, 2018

How much rain fell where you live?

The death toll might've been worse had many farmers not moved animals out of at-risk areas before Florence hit.

U.S. Army Sgt. Rose Stromberg holds the American flag she was able to retrieve from her storage unit which was flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in Spring Lake, N.C. The flag, which is adorned with all the names of those killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, flew with her during her deployment in Afghanistan.

Here's the unofficial, radar-estimated storm total rainfall from #Florence over all NC (actual gauge-measured amounts not included).

The Cape Fear River crested at 61.5 feet (18.75 meters) early Wednesday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Statewide, 169 road closures remained in effect at 4 p.m. Friday due to the storm, most in the northeast part of the state.

"Understand: There is a lot of water inland, and it is continuing to make its way downstream", county manager (in Wilmington, N.C.) Chris Coudreit said, according to the AP.

"The planning that went into this is beyond belief", Trump said shortly after arriving at the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina".

A ninth person has died in SC because of Hurricane Florence bringing the total death toll for the massive storm and its subsequent record-shattering flooding to 42 people.

News correspondent Gadi Schwartz captured a video of a fire ants forming colonies in North Carolina's flooded streets, sharing the video on Twitter.

Speaking in Las Vegas, President Donald Trump said SC is in for a "tough one" as flood waters continue to rise.

The potatoes can be picked by hand, but "we use a plow that flips them out of the ground", he said.

The Waccamaw is expected to reach perhaps 20 feet next week, almost 10 feet past flood stage and two feet past the record set during Matthew two years ago. A photograph posted by the state transportation agency showed flowing water and buckled asphalt on a highway that had been one of the few passable routes into the city, where officials have distributed food and water to residents.

Along the Cape Fear River, David and Benetta White and their four children were given short notice to evacuate overnight when floodwaters came rushing on to their property.

McMaster on Thursday estimated damage from the flood in his state at $1.2 billion U.S., characterizing it in a letter to state congress members as the worst disaster in the state's modern history. "We know agricultural losses will be significant because the flooding has affected the top six agricultural counties in our state", said agriculture commissioner Steve Troxler in a press release. McMaster asked congressional leaders to hurry federal aid. On Friday afternoon, a dam was breached at a North Carolina Duke Energy plant. For example, in 1999, rain and flooding from Hurricane Floyd caused waste to enter rivers- and what followed were algal blooms and mass fish die-outs. One was off the coast of the Carolinas with a chance of drifting toward land.

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