Kanye West Slams Drake Over Viral Kim Kardashian Cheating Rumours

Angelo Anderson
September 23, 2018

"Kris is not happy at all and she reamed Kanye out because she thinks that he is putting his family in danger ..."

It seems that the reason for all this is that 'she's anxious about West's other two enemies, ' according to the same source who spoke to the outlet. "But you're not going to tell me what I can and what I can't say".

West addressing Drake said, "If I wasn't in a medicated state, I would have had the wherewithal to say, 'Hey Pusha, don't diss Drake on my beat and I spoke about that and took accountability for that". As we've told you, Drake didn't respond too well to Kanye's accusations of him "saying nothing" about the rumors that Drake had sex with Kim. "Drake is doing his best to practice restraint and bite his tongue right now...."

At the start of September, rumours began circulating that Drake's In My Feelings hit was all about a secret romance between the Canadian rapper and Kim Kardashian, and speculation picked up pace when Kim's ex-boyfriend Nick weighed in on the claims, hinting an affair was entirely possible. But Drake can not let Kanye's words slide, ' the insider continued, and added, 'Drake held back in his latest diss track, but now he's ready to go hard'. I understand that you used to date my wife, but you know, you get into an interview, don't mention my wife.

Kanye told a high school crowd at an event in Chicago on Monday: "I got to let y'all know that I'm moving back to Chicago and I'm never leaving again".

He added: "I got nothing but love for you, but you know I'll always speak my mind, just like you always speak yours". As for Tyson, Kanye gave the following warning after the model body-shamed Kim's Instagram picture: "A$3 s far as Tyson Beckford go, don't speak on my wife bro". And Nick had the most direct response of the three!

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