Judge deems Cosby ‘sexually violent predator’ at sentencing hearing

Angelo Anderson
September 25, 2018

Bill Cosby has been officially sentenced to "three to ten years" in state prison after being found guilty of the sexual assault of Andrea Constand, the AP reports.

The defense had called another psychologist, Timothy Foley, to testify Tuesday before Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill made the decision.

Bill Cosby has been sentenced to three to 10 years in jail for sexual assault, at the culmination of the biggest celebrity trial of the #MeToo era.

Citing Cosby's frailty and blindness, Cosby's lawyers had asked for house arrest rather than prison time.

The 81-year-old comedian did not make a statement in court. Cosby sat back in his chair, his head on the headrest, as the sentence was read.

A Pennsylvania judge declared Bill Cosby to be a sexually violent predator on the second day of his sentencing hearing for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman almost 15 years ago.

The sentence caps his downfall from "America's Dad" to disgraced felon.

Tuesday's classification means he will need to register with state police and notify any community he lives in of his sex offender status, as well as undergo mandatory counselling for life.

"Bill Cosby took my handsome, healthy young spirit and crushed it", she wrote.

Constand, who is now a massage therapist living in Canada, testified during the trial in April and in an earlier trial previous year that ended with a hung jury that she had become friends with Cosby, and viewed him as a mentor.

The Cosby case "really raised awareness of the pervasiveness of ... sexual misconduct against subordinates and against women of relatively less power", said Daniel Filler, dean of Drexel University's law school. All of the women told stories that were markedly similar to Ms Constand's: Cosby would offer to be their mentor before plying them with alcohol and drugs and sexually assaulting them.

Pennsylvania's Sexual Offenders Assessment Board had already recommended Cosby be designated a "sexually violent predator" during the first day of his sentencing hearing.

The sentencing came as another extraordinary #MeToo drama unfolded on Capitol Hill, where Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh stands accused of sexual misconduct more than three decades ago.

Constand says she now lives alone with her two dogs, "stuck in a holding pattern" as a middle-aged woman because she has trouble trusting people.

Constand said her training as a professional basketball player had led her to think she could handle anything, but "life as I knew it" ended on the night that Cosby knocked her out with pills and violated her.

"Now, nearly 15 years later, I'm a middle-aged woman who's been stuck in a holding pattern for most of her adult life, unable to heal fully or to move forward".

Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt said the former TV star planned to remain silent when given the opportunity to address the court.

The jurors spent 12 days hearing lawyers' arguments and testimony from witnesses, including Constand and five other women, who claimed they were also drugged and sexually assaulted by the comedian. The jury reached the verdict in court during a retrial, though the Cosby Show star still maintains that he's innocent.

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