New Facebook 'Portal' Smart Device Features Facial Recognition Camera

Doris Richards
September 25, 2018

The new Echo Plus continues to double as a smart home hub, but now also works with local devices in situations where the internet stops working, for example. Hopefully, Amazon's presence will force rival companies in the TV space to make better and more flexible DVR systems to let you watch your favorite shows anywhere.

But before you raise your expectations, we'd like to break it to you that Amazon's microwave is not a high-tech one (not almost as close to the other high-end microwave ovens).

What is generally clear from the device launches is that Amazon isn't satisfied simply having an Echo family of different size devices for the home.

Alexa is also busting out of the Echo speakers' curved plastic casing - and will now respond directly to commands on a new $60 AmazonBasics-branded microwave oven.

From the kitchen to the vehicle, Amazon on Thursday sought to make its Alexa digital assistant and online services a bigger part of people's lives with an array of new products and partnerships, reports AFP from Seattle. In fact, CEO Jeff Bezos has said as much in the past - he expects some of Amazon's products to be total flops, in the name of experimentation.

The microwave's "Ask Alexa" button is its highlight but that too when you have an Echo device paired with it. The new Echo Input is the first Echo device without a speaker, so users can connect their speakers to the brain of the Alexa. The Echo Wall Clock means you won't have to worry about the switch to daylight savings time again, Limp said.

Word emerged in January that the product is set to ship under the name Portal and will resemble Amazon Inc.'s Echo Show.

Amazon unveiled a new gadget called the Smart Plug, which is way cooler than it sounds.

"We want you to have access to Alexa everywhere-in your kitchen, in your living room, in your office, and now in your vehicle or truck", said in a statement Tom Taylor, Senior Vice President, Amazon Alexa.

At its event on Thursday, Amazon introduced 70 new things. What about the person who puts Amazon in their vehicle, in their doorbell, or in their security cameras?

This is one of the basic devices we all need to get our hands on. The competition from other messaging and video calling apps have kept Skype on its toes, and it has little or no choice but to keep pushing out these changes and updates to keep its users happy.

If you're a manufacturer of connected devices, that might be an ominous thought. Audi joined the growing list of vehicle makers this week announcing Alexa voice control is coming to select models in 2019.

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