Eric Schmidt: Internet Could Split in 2 by 2028

Doris Richards
September 26, 2018

Schmidt's prediction comes shortly after current Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, has announced Google's controversial plan to appeal to the Chinese public.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who was when Google departed in 2010, also spoke at the meeting, saying that any service that Google has launched or prototyped in China has had "a certain set of trade-offs". It describes the Google's joint-project with China as "in a pretty advanced state."The statement from our high-level leadership that Dragonfly is just an experiment seems wrong", claims the memo's author".

Google has faced heavy criticism over the past few months for developing a Chinese search engine, which employees and human rights could lead to human rights violations.

It was first reported that users' searches would be associated with their personal phone number. After signing in, all web searches, IP address, location information, and even links clicked on will be logged. It accuses developers working on the project of creating "spying tools" for the Chinese government to monitor its citizens.

All of this information will be shared with the Chinese government and an unnamed Chinese company who would have "unilateral access" to the data.

The approach you have to take to understand the significance of China's internet capability isn't the mere thought that the Chinese public is good with the internet. The new search engine would apparently store users' contact numbers and some sensitive terms would be blacklisted.

Through local partnership, Google aims to run its internet-based services through the domestic data centres and servers of Chinese providers, similar to the way other U.S. cloud companies access that market, the report said.

The Taiwanese government should inquire with Google to find out which company in Taiwan is intending to maintain the database that will supply the "Chinese partner" with Dragonfly user data. "It will completely put users' privacy and safety at risk". Subsequently, Google human resources personnel emailed employees who were believed to have accessed or saved copies of the memo and ordered them to immediately delete it from their computers.

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