How to Watch Will Smith Bungee Jump Into the Grand Canyon

Angelo Anderson
September 26, 2018

In other Will Smith 50th birthday news, Nike released some very cool Fresh Prince-themed Jordans that I was not able to purchase before they sold out.

Just a couple of months later and on Tuesday, September 25, he chose to make the leap for his big 5-0 birthday.

The actor celebrated half a century on earth Tuesday by bungee-jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, all while live-streaming the feat on his YouTube channel.

In a video he posted to YouTube on Monday, the movie star star recalled a time when his family took a trip to the Grand Canyon, but he was too scared to fully enjoy it.

The jump was live-streamed on YouTube. But the jump was outside Grand Canyon National Park on the Navajo Nation.

His family and friends cheered him
Image His family and friends cheered him on. Pic You Tube Original

Smith chose to perform the jump as a way to overcome fears, after previously being afraid to walk near the edge of the canyon when visiting with his family when he was young.

"This is some of the most lovely stuff I've ever seen in my life", Smith said while still swinging over the chasm.

Smith hyped his leap with almost an hour's worth of interviews with family and friends.

As you can see in the clip below, Smith survived the jump and conquered his fear of heights.

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