Kavanaugh: Yearbook Entries About Girls, Beer Make Me 'Cringe'

Lester Mason
September 29, 2018

Moments after pivotal Sen.

"And I just want to express my appreciation to Senator Flake for allowing this process to move forward, but there's some difference of opinion among us as to what exactly the FBI investigation would consist of", said Texas Senator John Cornyn.

White House officials believe Kavanaugh's passionate denials of Ford's claims, including the judge's tearful description of the impact the accusations had on his family, met the challenge.

"Jeff's trying his best to bring the country together and vote the best way he knows how", said Graham, who was on his way to meet with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to discuss the arrangement.

President Donald Trump ordered the investigation at the request of the Senate Judiciary Committee. But it's hard to forget.

Putting aside the fact that neither of the assaults Kavanaugh is alleged to have committed at Georgetown Prep and Yale would have required the loss of virginity, at least one of his classmates takes issue with that claim.

In 1982, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was 16 years old.

"On Monday, I stood in front of your office", Archila, co-executive director of the nonprofit Center for Popular Democracy Action, told Flake. "I told the story of my sexual assault". Republicans announced on Tuesday that she had been hired to question Ford. "The girls from the schools I went to, and I, were friends".

The senator gave this same message to Republicans as he spoke to reporters earlier in the day. And then, if no further corroborative evidence emerges, Democrats should gracefully accede to a confirmation vote. "They'll make their decisions and they do a good job".

Democrats and outside groups - and now, Flake - argue that the information that has surfaced recently means the Federal Bureau of Investigation must look into Kavanaugh again.

'Brett was getting tapped in and he was incredibly drunk, in a ridiculous outfit and had to come up to me and sing a silly song, ' she said.

One senior Senate aide familiar with the negotiations attributed Flake's shift to pressure from Coons.

Start by outlining the avenues available to FBI background investigators, whom President Trump authorized late Friday afternoon to reopen Kavanaugh's file. "We were 16", an angry Kavanugh said to Whitehouse.

Flake was later asked whether the elevator confrontation had swayed him.

"I think it will work out very well for the country", Trump said.

Brookes, a registered Republican in Pennsylvania, said she was in the "exact same social circles" as the embroiled judge while they both attended Yale and he "mischaracterized himself" when describing his drinking habits Thursday. I've heard from close friends and I had no idea.

Brett Kavanaugh's page in his high school yearbook offers a glimpse of the teenage years of the man who is now President Trump's Supreme Court nominee: lots of football, plenty of drinking, parties at the beach.

The women do not identify themselves in the video, but Archila's group sent a press release following the confrontation confirming it was Archila speaking on camera. Gallagher confirmed via phone that it was her, and she consented to the use of her name.

The two protesters, both explaining they were victims of sexual assaults, began shouting at Flake because of his expected vote.

An often bitter and partisan hearing of the Senate Justice Committee, the memory of explosive testimony from the two main players still fresh in their minds, ended in a chaotic and confusing flurry of closed-door negotiations led by Arizona Republican Jeff Flake.

She was in town as a volunteer with the liberal activist group Make the Road New York.

'This is about the integrity of the Supreme Court, ' she said. Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing a woman who said Kavanaugh was present at parties where gang rapes took place, implied in a tweet that the term on Kavanaugh's page had a sexual meaning.

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