Experts urge community to get flu vaccine

Leslie Hanson
October 6, 2018

Annual flu vaccination is recommended for most adults and children six months and older. Should I get vaccinated? It will be $65.00, a high dose for those 65 years and older. An estimated 900,000 plus were hospitalized, the public health agency said.

She said, "The flu vaccination can prevent serious illness and is the best protection against catching or spreading flu, a potential life-threatening infection."Flu is a respiratory illness caused by a virus that affects the lungs and airways".

Chicago was not spared. The flu season typically peakrs in February and ends in May, but can peak as early as December or late as March. That's more than double the previous season, during which 275 were admitted. The flu is especially risky, even deadly, for older adults, pregnant women, children, and people with chronic medical conditions.

Area emergency rooms, including Stroger Hospital's, were inundated with sick patients.

It's getting to be that time of year again - time to prepare for flu season. A single flu shot can go a long way in preventing the disease and even a possible fatality. While the AFLURIA vaccine is administered by a jet injector, which is a medical device that uses a high-pressure, narrow stream of fluid to penetrate the skin instead of a needle. But last season was different, Lu said. About 500 students come in to Student Health for flu shots.

Fight the flu this Fall, and get your flu shot from the Norwalk Health Department!

This year, the vaccines have been updated to better match cir.

"Only the 2009 swine flu epidemic was worse - 358 children were killed", he said. Flu vaccine is available everywhere. About 80 percent of those who died had not received a shot.

The pneumonia vaccine will be available at the clinics. These usually last from a few days to less than two weeks.

In the Bluegrass State, the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky also has announced a statewide flu prevention campaign, aimed at preventing an epidemic-level flu season like past year, when more than 10,000 people were infected. "If you put it off - still get vaccinated, of course - but now is an excellent time to get vaccinated", Schffner said.

The number of confirmed flu cases a year ago was more than double the almost 2,700 positive test results for flu during the previous season, from 2016 to 2017, Health Department officials said Tuesday. Through the Vaccines for Children (VFC), a federally funded program, children without insurance, those who are self-pay patients, or those who receive Medicaid Plan A can receive a flu shot for free.

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