30-Year-Old Doorstep Turns out to be a Rare Meteorite

Mindy Sparks
October 8, 2018

A MI man recently learned that this 10kg rock he used for decades as a doorstop on his farm was in fact a meteorite worth over $US100,000 ($141,700).

According to Professor Sirbescu, it has been 18 years of "no" and finally when she saw the MI man brought the rock to the university, she knew this was it!

In 1988, an unnamed man bought a farm in Edmore, Michigan and was being toured around the property when he spotted a large, strange-looking rock holding the door of a shed open. The man had this special rock in his possession for 30 long years and little did he know that the rock was more than just a doorstep. David Mazurek, a lucky man from MI, did just that and it really paid off. Turns out it is a meteorite which is worth a whopping $100,000 dollars as it is 88 per cent iron and 12 per cent nickel rarely found on earth.

"It's the most valuable specimen I have ever held in my life, monetarily and scientifically", said one excited Sibescu. But imagine if a rock used for such purposes fetched you more than $100,000 (over Rs.70 lakhs in INR). The meteorite came with the house.

When he asked about it, he was told in a matter of fact way by the owner that it was a meteorite.

The sixth largest meteorite recorded in MI has just been brought to the attention of experts over 80 years after its discovery.

The odd-looking large rock was brought to the institute by an unidentified MI man who kept it for 30 years.

After examining the rock Sirbescu determined that the rock was indeed a meteorite. UPI reports that the previous owner of the property told him that the meteorite had arrived on the farm during a meteor shower in the 1930s.

As per the owner, the rock landed on Earth during the 1930s. The next morning the farmer and his father discovered the crater and dug out the meteorite, which was still quite warm. While touring the property, the man inquired about this particular rock.

Mr Mazurek said that when he sells the meteorite, he will donate some of the money to the university. Additional tests on the meteorite are now being performed, but both the Smithsonian and a mineral museum in ME have already shown interest in acquiring the meteorite, according to the AP.

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