Lady Gaga Fans Try to Sabotage Venom By Posting Negative Reviews

Angelo Anderson
October 8, 2018

What made it really hard was that the Venice Film Festival screening had a 20-minute stoppage after lightning struck the theatre and caused technical malfunctions - a horrifying moment for any director, not just a first-time one.

Both Venom and A Star Is Born touch down this weekend, and their audiences are not alike.

Fundamentally, "A Star is Born" is a movie about love - love that shines in the best of times, persists in the worst - but truly, it is about falling in love with Ally's face.

A Star Is Born comes out today, October 3, 2018, in the UK. In both the movie's creation and in the finished product are lessons of bold chances and artistic integrity, of personal frailty and popular success.

As the report explains, Lady Gaga fans - known as Little Monsters - have history of coordinating online attacks against public figures, including one against singer Ed Sheeran who quit Twitter after being targeted by Gaga fans. On Rotten Tomatoes Venom is sitting at a lowly 32% while A Star Is Born has a 95% freshness. Easily the worst movie this year.

"Mr. Cooper spends more time on the story's male lead than previous iterations have, perhaps because he's taken the role himself".

And the actor, 43, admits years of rejection prepared him for the job: "I've heard it all in my career". I would dream about it. "He replied, 'That ship has sailed.' I went to bed that night and saw the whole beginning of the movie in my mind, and I knew I had to direct it". You can't hide when you sing.

He said: "I remember when (the 2009 comedy) The Hangover came out and we were in the airport heading to Europe, and (Rolling Stones guitarist) Keith Richards" family was there, and they were talking about The Hangover and I thought like, "That is insane, man.' So I don't know, I think that was the moment".

As with all the versions of A Star is Born, the actors, clothes, and styles change from film to film, while the story remains the same, albeit with slight updates.

Japan is the last country to get A Star Is Born, with a December 21 release date. It's a blockbuster romance that looks and feels like an indie film, all in service of an expression of pure love.

"She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer until Jackson coaxes her into the spotlight". The live scenes are a physical experience, the weight and heft of the music overtaking your senses, a stark sensory juxtaposition to the hollow pop songs she performs as her solo career takes off.

A Star Is Born is out in United Kingdom cinemas on October 3, 2018.

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