SNL Shows the GOP Doing a Victory Dance After Kavanaugh's Divisive Confirmation

Angelo Anderson
October 9, 2018

There were no surprise celebrity guests to come to the rescue of "Saturday Night Live" this weekend - no return visits from Matt Damon as Judge Brett Kavanaugh or Alec Baldwin as President Trump.

The devil works fast, but Saturday Night Live works faster: Somehow, between the close of the final Senate vote for Kavanaugh's confirmation around 4:15 P.M. ET on Saturday and the airing of the show less than seven hours later, the writers room managed to come up with a cold open that imagined how Senate Republicans must be celebrating Kavanaugh's confirmation.

This week's sketch played out as a straightforward expression of liberal disappointment following the confirmation.

CNN reporter Don Lemon was there in the Republican "locker room" to cover the celebration that resembled athletes celebrating after a big win, with senators admitting that Kavanaugh's nomination put "a lot of pacemakers ... to the test". "Men over 50 and men over 70".

Kate McKinnon portrayed South Carolina Sen.

Beck Bennett, playing Mitch McConnell, declared, "Republicans read the mood of the country and we could tell that people really wanted Kavanaugh".

"We made a lot of women real anxious today", said Kate McKinnon, reprising last week's role as Republican Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate who was viewed as a key swing vote for Kavanaugh who ultimately helped secure his confirmation by voting "yes" on Friday. "But then it turned out Brett Kavanaugh was white too, and we were completely blindsided by that".

Senator Chuck Schumer, played by Alex Moffat, provided commentary on behalf of the Democrats. "The last thing I wanted was to make this about me - that's why I told everyone to tune in at 3 I could tell all my female supporters, "Psych!'" Strong's Collins said".

Graham though was confident in Kavanaugh being confirmed the entire time, due to "fans" screaming "me too" outside his office, which he took as a sign of support rather than the women's social movement against sexual assault.

The skit also made reference to a sudden surge in potential Democratic challengers for Collins' seat in the Senate, with Strong's Collins saying "Now we're going to party like it's 2020..." "Let's keep this horny male energy going until the midterms!"

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