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Leslie Hanson
October 10, 2018

According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag), 9% of all teen deaths are due to suicide.

The hour-long documentary was released to coincide with World Mental Health Day on October 10, and McAteer insists it is an issue that affects everyone to some degree. This begs the question: is enough being done to help young South Africans battling with mental health issues?

Corrigan said another reason why mental illness can be so costly is because it often affects younger people in their prime working years. "Since children can not express their mental problems, it remains unidentified and affects them more as they grow older". One such discussion was held on Twitter earlier this year during May, which is considered as Mental Health Month.

Other factors identified as compounding stress in adolescents are the expanding online technologies which undoubtedly bring many benefits, but can also exert additional pressure when people feel the need to be constantly connected.

The governor explained that people with mental health problems deserve love, care, understanding and support.

"We have been hearing about more and more reports on student suicides, teens who have taken their own life".

With the growing awareness about mental health, it's possible that you picked up on some warning signs.

"A child can suffer huge stress due to small reasons like getting scolded or bullied in school, disputes between parents and even day-to-day pressure like forcing for a haircut", said Dr Arjun Raj Kunwar, child and adolescent psychiatrist at Kanti Children's Hospital.

While there has been some progress, the authors urge governments to do more, writing that "mental health now receives less than 1 per cent of global aid".

NHS England was criticised for having no checks in place to ensure that the extra money was channelled into better mental health support for young people, despite it being widely accepted that demand for services was not being met.

"I'm sure if we can help one person then we have done a job".

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