Google reveals new Pixel phone, speaker to chase Apple, Amazon

Lloyd Doyle
October 11, 2018

There's also a third colour option called "Not Pink" which is kind of like a light, coppery-pink hue. These phones are more expensive than last year's Pixels.

Otherwise, why on Earth else would enormo-publisher Conde Nast have agreed to use its new Google Pixel smartphones for its most recent magazine cover shoots?

Unlike its competitors, Google said its Home Hub, priced at $149, does not have a video conferencing camera.

The all-new Google Chromecast has the same rounded, hockey puck-esque shape introduced with the second-generation version of the media streamer.

Another highlight of the tablet is the Split screen that is integrated for smooth multitasking and Google Assistant.

Where the two differ are their starting configurations, their pricing and, of course, the OS they run.

The new speaker will compete with Inc.'s Echo Show, with one notable omission: a video camera. I like the improved dual-tone finish, too, on the back of the device. While we could direct you straight to Google's keynote address, we'd rather focus on the initial impressions from tech enthusiast MKBHD, someone who wouldn't be tempted to pull any punches.

The Pixels have barely made a dent in the market since their debut two years ago, but Google is hoping to change that with the latest models unveiled Tuesday at an event in NY.

Broad carrier availability: The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available on all USA wireless carriers and various retailers. In the United States, for example, the Pixel 3 starts at $799, $150 up from the Pixel 2's $649 launch price. When it picks up that everyone is looking at the phone and smiling, it snaps the picture. Honestly, that is the name and you shouldn't be surprised since the other two colors are Just Black and Clearly White.

The Hub - launched today amid the official unveiling of Google's Pixel 3 and 3XL smartphones - is a semi-moveable dashboard with a screen that will communicate with smart home products from its Nest subsidiary as well as its music and TV services from YouTube and the central Google digital assistant.

The Pixel Slate Keyboard is backlit and full-size - Google claims studies have shown that compared to squares, the round buttons used on its keyboard result in less user fatigue and are actually easier to use. However, these features are not new; they're just nice to have. "One of the most exciting stories we have this year is how much machine learning and AI we put into the product", Seang Chau, vice president of Pixel software, told Fast Company.

The Pixel Slate comes in several iterations, with no headphone jack included on any single one of them. It will also be available on Google's Project Fi network.

Google just announced this feature alongside the new Google Home Hub, a "smart display" like the Lenovo Smart Display. The keyboard will be an additional £189/$199 and the pen will be £79/$99.

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