Stardew Valley is coming to iOS and Android

Doris Richards
October 11, 2018

The iOS version is coming to iPhone and iPad via Apple's App Store on October 24th, priced at £8/€9/$8 (how does THAT work?). It's the full single-player game with a new interface rebuilt for touch screens.

Developer ConcernedApe announced that Stardew Valley is coming to smartphones, and will begin with its iOS App Store release in a little over 2 weeks, October 24, 2018.

Stardew Valley sees you moving from the big city to your (recently inherited) grandfather's old, run-down farm in sleepy Pelican Town. Mods aren't supported, but the game will have all version 1.3 content (like the Night Market). Stardew Valley will also arrive on Android, Barone confirmed, but there's no exact launch date just yet.

Barone said the mobile version of Stardew Valley includes the full game and plays nearly identically to the PC version, with the UI changing slightly to support touch screen gameplay. Unfortunately, mod support and multiplayer content isn't available in the mobile version.

The developer adds that the iOS version will be available for $7.99 and won't offer in-app purchases.

The mobile version will let you import save games from Stardew Valley on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

PC players can transfer their save data to the iOS version via iTunes - but make sure to always back up your save data first! With the release of Android Nougat and Vulkan ... ConcernedApe also says that this mobile port has no impact on the multiplayer portion of the game that is actively being worked on for console platforms.

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