Where Is Hurricane Michael Right Now?

Mindy Sparks
October 11, 2018

At least two deaths have been reported from Michael, which made landfall on Wednesday afternoon as a Category 4 storm and has since been downgraded to a tropical storm as it moves into the Carolinas. Meanwhile, tropical storm-force winds extend outward from the center of the storm for 175 miles.

Tyndall Air Force Base took a "direct hit" from Michael's Category 4 hurricane winds of up to 155 miles per hour, which caused significant structural damage and left the runway's use still in question, Air Force officials said in a statement. But it's still menacing the Southeast with heavy rains, winds and a threat of spinoff tornadoes. A quarter of a million homes and businesses already were without power, and the number was rising rapidly. It was centered about 30 miles southwest of Macon, Georgia.

The toll of the damage was just beginning to be assessed at daybreak, with destruction widespread: buildings flattened, trees toppled and stripped and boats tossed ashore.

The NHC warns that some regions of Florida may experience storm surges of up to 13ft (4m).

"The storm surge is absolutely deadly".

Brock Long, administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, warned that the brutal storm would "stay intact" as a hurricane as it roars through the Florida Panhandle and parts of Alabama and Georgia. "Do not risk your life, leave NOW if you were told to do so", it said. The storm's center is expected to move inland over the Florida Panhandle or Florida Big Bend area before moving northeastward across the Southeastern U.S.

Both NOAA and Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft have flown through the hurricane's four quadrants - and the NHC says, "The planes actually passed through the eye around the same time [Tuesday morning], and reported that they could see one another".

Hurricane Michael made landfall in Mexico Beach, just down the coast of Panama City, and left a wide path of destruction in its wake. The wind howled and rainwater leaked through the ceiling.

Betty Wexler, 86, lost a beach house to a storm more than 20 years ago. She and her daughter booked a hotel room through Friday.

"We ve been very cautious with sending our first responders out right now", she said.

Perry and Mollie Williams were riding out the storm in their "fortress" home a block from the beach, their three cats and Rottweiler in tow.

"Think about what we've seen before with storms like Hurricane Irma", he said.

"Those who stick around to witness storm surge don't typically live to talk about it", he said.

Although Tallahassee avoided a direct hit from the Category 4 storm, Mayor Andrew Gillum said on Facebook that "our community has been pretty significantly impacted".

Asked if there would be more evacuation orders, he said officials were monitoring the situation but that people in potentially affected areas should not take any chances against such a large storm surge. Another 3,500 National Guard members were also ready to deploy, he said.

Gale and James Berry fled to a city shelter in Lincoln High School's cafeteria.

On Tuesday, Gov Scott said he had activated 2,500 Florida National Guard troops. He said he thinks she was home when Michael hit. "I don't know the numbers yet".

7 A.M. Hurricane Michael has entered the Gulf of Mexico and is picking up steam as it tracks towards the Florida Panhandle at 12 miles per hour, according to the 7 a.m. update from the National Hurricane Center. Meteorologists predict that by Wednesday night or Thursday morning, Micheal's rains are likely to spread into the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic, perhaps bringing more water to areas still recovering from Hurricane Florence.

On its current track, the core of Michael is expected to move northeastward across the southeastern US on Wednesday night and Thursday, and then move off the Mid-Atlantic coast away from the United States on Friday.

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