Ben Affleck Signs For New Movie With Gavin O'Connor

Angelo Anderson
October 12, 2018

Gunn will reportedly have a "completely new take" on the franchise, though exactly what that means is unclear.

If you'd like a good laugh, read the replies to this tweet and see how many people are desperately trying to convince themselves that Ayer's statement is sarcastic.

Since then the disappointment of Justice League sent shockwaves through the DC brand, and Warner Bros. has been rapidly retooling their slate of superhero fare. It's not like they're standing around waiting for his approval.

In July, James, 52, was sacked from Guardians after jokes about rape and paedophilia resurfaced from his Twitter account. The comic book adaptation was written and directed by David Ayer for Warner Bros.

Revealing the news of James" new Suicide Squad gig, The Hollywood Reporter claimed the director "has closed a deal to pen the script but, at this stage, there is no director deal'. He has said that working for Disney has been "pretty nauseating" and has questioned his return to the third installment of the Guardians franchise, which has been put on hold since Gunn's firing.

The directing gig then passed on to Gavin O'Connor (The Accountant, Warrior), but according to IMDb, he has no less than SIX projects that he is now signed on to direct, and with Gunn coming on board as writer, it would make sense for him to take on directing duties, too.

I think it's an incredibly courageous and smart move by the studio. "James is the right man for the job!" on Twitter. Still, I feel tempted to buy tickets already and they haven't even started working on the film. A move to DC-which is in desperate need of creative direction-would be a definitive middle finger to Marvel for letting him go, and Gunn's sensibilities would actually be flawless for the bad guys forced to do good of Suicide Squad. Gunn was sacked following the uncovering of a number of offensive tweets that he posted in jest, which dated back to 2008.

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