Google Home Hub - Google Assistant With A Display

Doris Richards
October 12, 2018

Google is doing a couple nifty things with Google Home's software, however, and that makes this whole initiative make a lot of sense.

At the time, I thought it a bit of an odd proposition.

The various tools within Digital Wellbeing are coming to smart displays. Because what better than a new Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL phone to run the updated Google Home app that will put you in touch with over 10,000 connected devices in your home. I was downright surprised at how small Google's hub is: You can literally hold it in one hand.

Google Assistant is getting several new features across its lineup of smart displays and smartphones.

Amazon may have had the advantage of being first but Google has caught up with it. Aside from four color options, some unique features and some that will arrive on the competing products soon. There are also other bundles, mostly focusing on Nest (also owned by Google) smart home products and the new Home Hub display. Updated to make the Smart Home lifestyle easier, the app now shows all your compatible smart home devices in a single view. When configured, the Hub knows which room you're in and provides information on temperature and lighting as well.

Instead of hiding the controls deep in the Google Home app, a simple swipe down from the top of the screen brings up a dashboard with all your smart devices in a quick-access fashion, allowing you to control your connected stuff easily. Of course, you can still use voice controls as well. Next is Live Albums from Google Photos. We've been covering all of them on the website, but if you're looking for a quick roundup, here's one ...

No more will I be the only user who controls the thermostat, doorbell, locks, etc. As per the latest announcement, these features will come to all Smart Displays and Assistant speakers. Starting with the Google Home Hub, you will be able to add users to your household and let everyone have access to all of your smart home controls.

Previewed at the Made by Google event with the Home Hub, Google has now announced some new features that will also roll out to the entire portfolio of Smart Displays over the next few weeks. Like everything else on offer by Google lately, this piece of hardware is different not only because of how it is built, but also because of the software experience within.

At this stage, Google hasn't spoken about using other apps for voice calling, or video calling on their Smart Displays. The idea is to remove what Google calls the "billboard effect" where your eyes are drawn to the brightness of the display in a dim room. The Home Hub screen really doesn't look much larger than a smartphone.

The smart home consumer at-large however just wants a clean, simple way to interact with the devices they have.

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