Pope blames devil for Church divisions, scandals, seeks angel's help

Lester Mason
October 12, 2018

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl from his post as the archbishop of Washington, D.C. In a letter released Friday by the Vatican, from the pope to Wuerl, the pontiff confirms he has accepted the archbishop's resignation and lauds Wuerl for putting the church's interests over his own personal defense against claims he protected abusive priests. Wuerl at times acted with authority to deal with abusive priests (more on this below), but in several cases allowed such priests to escape scrutiny and in a few to continue as priests in good standing elsewhere - and to continue abusing others.

Another one tweeted, "Catholic priests who can't keep their hands off children is what is dividing the Catholic Church".

Vigano released a second statement on September 29 saying that the Vatican has yet to respond to his accusations and that Francis has "compared me to the great accuser, Satan, who sows scandal and division in the Church - though without ever uttering my name".

"No bishop or cardinal in the nation has had a more consistent and courageous record than Donald Wuerl in addressing priestly sexual abuse, " contends Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League.

I renew the invitation to everyone to pray the Rosary every day in October, ending with the antiphon "We fly to thy patronage" and the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, to repel the attacks of the Devil who wants to divide the Church.

Pope Francis is now calling on Catholics worldwide to pray through the month in a bid to fight back the devil and protect the Church.

Francis' use of the term "the great accuser" to describe Satan hit a raw nerve with one of the pope's harshest conservative critics, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the Vatican's former ambassador to Washington.

The pope asked Wuerl to remain an "Apostolic Administrator to the Archdiocese" in Washington until the appointment of his successor.

Vigano claimed he told Francis during a June 23, 2013, meeting that Pope Benedict XVI had sanctioned McCarrick to a lifetime of penance and prayer for having "corrupted a generation of seminarians and priests". It permits this local Church to move forward.

However, the letter also admitted to a detail that is key to the accusations by Viganò, noted Reuters - "that McCarrick had been informally disciplined prior to his ascension to cardinal".

Cardinal Ouellet's letter, written with the approval of Pope Francis, was published the day after the Vatican said the pope had ordered a "thorough study of the entire documentation present in the archives of the dicasteries and offices of the Holy See regarding the former Cardinal McCarrick in order to ascertain all the relevant facts, to place them in their historical context and to evaluate them objectively".

Francis has refused to confirm or deny the allegations, saying the letter "speaks for itself". I am profoundly grateful for his devoted commitment to the wellbeing of the Archdiocese of Washington and also deeply touched by his gracious words of understanding.

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