Georgia Man Harassed and Stalked by White Woman for #BabysittingWhileBlack

Lester Mason
October 13, 2018

A white woman has been accused of racial profiling for calling the police to investigate a black man whom she saw babysitting two white children at a Walmart.

Local news station CBS 46 reports that Lewis was in the parking lot of a local Walmart going on an errand with the two children he was babysitting when a white woman approached him and started questioning him about the children's safety. After the group arrived back home, a police officer arrived-having been called there by the woman.

Upon meeting the police officer, the children, a 10-year-old girl, and a 6-year-old boy, confirmed to the officer that Lewis was indeed their after-school teacher and babysitter.

Mango says the officer told her Lewis was questioned because he's a black man driving around with two white children. That's when a Cobb County police officer showed up.

"This lady from Walmart harassed, followed, & called the cops on me ALL because I'm black and have 2 white kids with me", he wrote.

He also said that the children were "scared" by the woman following them. The woman who called the police is waiting in her own vehicle down the street.

The identity of the woman who called police is unclear.

In response, the officer asked to speak to the children, who were sitting in the back of Corey's auto.

The list of things black people aren't allowed to do without potentially summoning police involvement continues to grow.

Parker and his wife, Dana Mango, were at dinner when they received the call, and his wife had to be convinced that it was not a prank, he said.

Lewis "had to go to a wedding for a week, and every day Nicholas asked when he was coming back", Mango said.

Parker said he had a proud moment when, during an interview with a reporter, his daughter was asked if she had anything she wanted to say to the woman. The officer talked to the kids, determined everything was fine and left.

"I noticed we were being watched", Lewis told Newsweek.

Parker fumed that Lewis had been targeted for "babysitting while black".

"After this ordeal on Sunday night the first thing the kids asked was, 'When can he come babysit us again, '" Mango said.

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