The Last Paper Stephen Hawking Worked On Released By Colleagues

Mindy Sparks
October 13, 2018

In 2016, Hawking and his team theorized that black holes could have some light particles - "soft hairs" or gravitons (hypothetical particles of gravity) that store some of the information.

Professor Perry, who works in theoretical physics at Cambridge, told the Guardian, "what this paper does is show that "soft hair" can account for the entropy".

Hawking's final paper was the third in a series of papers looking at black holes, a concept he spent decades studying, particularly the black hole information paradox. However, it would agree with the Hawking's equation which can even be found on the late scientist's headstone, describing how black holes are capable of emitting Hawking radiation.

Stephen Hawking, who died earlier this year, is one of the most-respected names in modern physics. Some theoretical physicists believe they do, while others do not.

Stephen Hawking was a hugely influential physicist at Cambridge and victor of countless awards and honours. The English scientist was interred in Cambridge.

It was completed in the days before Hawking's death in March, and has now been written up by his colleagues at and posted online, "The Guardian" reported. This has never been observed, mind you, because black holes are obstructed by swirling disks of hot gas that obstruct our view. It is basic physics that tells us that no information can ever be lost. "This work summarizes the status of our long-term project of large diffeomorphisms, "soft hair" and the quantum structure of black holes", - said in the Preface, the co-authors Sasha Jaco, Malcolm Perry and Andrew Strominger.

It involves the extreme denseness of black holes, these objects capable of warping time-space which form when enormous stars collapse within themselves or when two stars collide onto each other.

Hawking and his colleagues showed in their study that a black hole's entropy may be stored in the particles surrounding the black hole's event horizon. "It's telling you that soft hair really is doing the right stuff", Perry went on to say. Back then, Perry said that he was not aware how sick Hawking was.

"It was very hard for Stephen to communicate and I was put on a loudspeaker to explain where we had got to", Perry told the Guardian.

While Hawking's final work may have marked the end of his journey across the vastness of space, it is also a reminder that his contribution to our understanding of the universe continues even in his absence. "He knew the final result", he said.

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