Thinking About A New Phone? Get Ready For A Sticker Shock

Doris Richards
October 13, 2018

A flurry of leaks before the official launch meant that any self-respecting tech-head knew the Pixel 3 inside out before Google "unveiled" it on Tuesday. As with other protective cases in the series, the new cases are touted as drop proof from up to 6.6-feet, as well as offering water, snow, dust, and debris protection provided by IP-5X-certified port blocking.

Google Pixel Slate is a tablet that features a 12.3-inch display with a resolution of 3000x2000.

You have successfully hidden the notch on your Pixel 3 XL. The screen came with a 5-inch display, 1080 x 1920 resolution and AMOLED technology, making for a handsome display - although the Pixel 3 does trump it slightly in that regard now. Samsung is dependent on Google's Android to complete all major design and hardware tasks.

Google Assistant was first available on phones, so it's no surprise there's more coming even above and beyond the new redesign that's rolling out.

The Digital Wellbeing side of Android Pie is also spreading, with Google bringing the feature to all their new phones, smart speakers and Smart Displays.

All the batteries are the exact same as well as the camera which is an 8MP Camera on the front of the device and one on the back. Another nifty improvement that's coming to all smartphones with Google Assistant is Visual Snapshot, which will allow you to see event recommendations, as well as check your recent notes and lists and get important reminders from the visual overview. Following the trend of Apple storefront, Google will just display its branded and licensed hardware products on the website. Good news, sort of, is that you can hide the notch on the Pixel 3 by following our tutorial. However, since many of its less-demanding software features will roll out to the Pixel 2 eventually (such as Google Duplex for automated phone responses), you certainly wouldn't be settling to stick to a Pixel 2.

Except I'm thinking about it now, as the Pixel 3 prepares to go on sale next week in Singapore (with Singtel and Starhub). RIP the Kinda Blue Pixel 2 finish - we'll miss you. Some may say that, after so many years of Android, it doesn't really matter if Google mentions it.

The first users to get this feature will be Pixel users in the U.S. as announced by Brian Rakowski, VP of product management, at the Pixel Event ― a release that Google is calling, "experimental".

For Asia's rising working and middle classes, not only is the Pixel 3 affordable compared to the competition (which some clearly already own!), it's also the successor to the best smartphone camera on the market - the Pixel 2 XL. The feature is set to arrive on the Pixel and Pixel 2 next month. That would be a differentiation with other Android smartphone.

The new Top Shot feature uses the "Motion" technology on Pixel phones to capture a bunch of photos before and after you snap the shutter button.

In DisplayMate, however, have not said a word about how the standard Google display Pixel 3 has demonstrated in tests against his "older brother". Just watch the video below to get blown away by Google's AI.

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