EA looking into Command & Conquer remasters and bringing franchise back to PC

Doris Richards
October 14, 2018

The surprising statement arrived through a Reddit post by Vessella himself, who had worked on C&C 3 and Red Alert 3 as part of the production team and also acted as the lead producer for Kane's Wrath expansion.

That reveal was about as short on detail as possible - it is by no means clear which Command & Conquer game will be the first to receive a modern makeover, nor whether it will see the user interface improvements introduced in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

Aside from its strangely compelling narrative and use of live-action cutscenes, Command & Conquer is known for its brilliant soundtrack composed by Frank Klepacki. "Over the next few weeks we'll be talking to fans in a variety of ways.As a long time C&C fan and developer, I am just as passionate about the C&C franchise as you are, and look forward to hearing your thoughts as they help us shape the future of C&C at EA!"

I'm pretty sure that we can all agree that EA needs to avoid using microtransactions in this possible new entry of Command & Conquer, stay true to its real-time strategy nature (stay away from the LoL or Ground Control influences), offer a compelling story, and feature both a single-player and multi-player modes. We're getting a new Command & Conquer game that isn't a mobile title? No.

So there you have it - an invitation to get involved in shaping exactly how C&C will return to the PC. Thus EA has something already in the pipeline to mark the upcoming 25th Year Anniversary of the C&C games. Veteran designer Greg Black apparently created that UI, and he's back at EA working on Rivals, so it would certainly seem likely.

The original Command & Conquer could be about to make a comeback, as EA producer Jim Vessella reveals that the publisher is "exploring some exciting ideas" for the series' 25th birthday in 2020. The last time that almost happened was with the esports-focused Command & Conquer, originally revealed as command and Conquer Generals 2.

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