The Photos Of A Desperate Mum Shielding Baby From Storm

Lester Mason
October 14, 2018

KINGAROY mum Fiona Simpson has been dubbed Queensland's bravest mother, after shielding her baby from vicious hail during a freak supercell storm which hit the South Burnett region on Thursday.

Simpson was heading home, driving from the town of Nanango on the D'Aguilar Highway with her infant and 78-year-old grandmother when it suddenly started to rain. "I looked down and I could see she was screaming but I couldn't even hear her, that's how loud it was".

"I wasn't driving very fast because I couldn't see very well... I couldn't see in front of me, I couldn't even see the line on the road", Simpson told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Most of the skin from her left arm was shredded, while the other arm was "completely black" from bruises, the report said.

The mum subsequently shared a picture of her injuries to Facebook, with the message: "I've learnt my lesson, never drive in a hail storm". The storm has had a devastating effect for farmers and it has been reported that an entire season's worth of barley, wheat and melon crops have been destroyed.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Adam Blazak told the Courier-Mail the storms had "produced very large hail, roughly tennis ball sized hail and destructive winds". She told ABC that by the time the paramedics arrived, her body felt "numb".

But the vehicle was not up to the task of the sheltering the family, and large hail began smashing the windows, spurring Simpson to leap to the backseat and try to shield her daughter from harm.

Simpson posted Friday on Facebook that she and Clara were "safe at home", while her grandmother was recovering in the hospital and would be home soon.

She said she had to protect her baby, who was left alone in the back seat.

She added: 'At the end of the day all that matters is that we're alive ... a auto can be replaced and bruises can heal and we're just all safe right now.

Fiona Simpson, 23, was caught in her vehicle when the storm hit near Kingaroy, Queensland, on Thursday, sending huge hailstones smashing through her auto windows, The West Australian reported.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service is calling for those affecting to remain calm and patient, as the service has received more than 320 calls for help and must prioritise its responses.

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