#MeToo: Vinod Dua deserves place in hall-of-shame, says accuser

Angelo Anderson
October 15, 2018

Responding to allegations of filmmaker Nishtha Jain, Mallika Dua said, "If at all my father is truly guilty of what you described, it is unacceptable, traumatic and painful".

"I am in solidarity with the movement and in support of the voices but you dragging my name into this was in awful taste", she said. He wanted to talk to me and asked me to enter his vehicle...

Assuming that he wanted to apologise for his behaviour, I entered the vehicle but before I could even settle down he began slobbering all over my face. Ms. Jain writes that he asked her to get inside his vehicle. "I spotted him again in the parking in the coming nights (sic)", she wrote in her post. "After a few days he stopped stalking me", the filmmaker wrote in a Facebook post.

In a shocking development, senior journalist Vinod Dua was accused of sexual misconduct by filmmaker Nishtha Jain.

In the post, Jain also called out Dua for lashing out against actor Akshay Kumar previous year for allegedly passing lewd comments against his daughter and comedienne Mallika Dua. He has reportedly inappropriately touched women who have worked with, made jokes on rape victims, among other things. "This is my dad's battle, I will let him fight it and I will stand by him". Nothing gets to kill my vibe and IM NOT SORRY.

Mallika wrote: "This isn't my battle to fight". It isn't my responsibility, shame or burden. I will deal with this my way on my time.

It triggered a huge debate on social media, leading to scores of women narrating their experiences on a Twitter thread, naming and shaming established media men, writers and people from the entertainment industry. Ending the post, she said she will not let objectives, ideals and goal be hijacked by shamers.

Jain said in June 1989 she graduated from Jamia Mass Communication Center, and had an interview with the renowned journalist.

Jain said: "He (Dua) supported his daughter, who called out Akshay Kumar's sexist comments". Jain said while she was aware that this could be used by the Right wing - since Dua is a well-known Left-liberal voice who criticises the BJP government. Thanks for friends and supporters for pointing this out. Didn't stop till I loudly said that he's hurting me.

Dua is a consulting editor at The Wire, and hosts a video show called "Jan Gan Man ki Baat", and on October 5, his episode was about "India's #MeToo moment where women from various professions are telling their stories of sexual harassment and naming and shaming the alleged perpetrators".

To this, the accuser replied: "The daughter will stand by her predator father".

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