Raids on existing pot shops 'highly unlikely' Wednesday: head of police chiefs

Lloyd Doyle
October 16, 2018

Officials say no one will be allowed to smoke in common campground areas or around playgrounds.

"Cannabis is a relatively young and rapidly changing industry and it's not unusual for disclosure practice to vary more in a less mature industry like cannabis or blockchain and cryptocurrency versus more mature industries like mining or real estate", he says.

Palmer, speaking as president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, said enforcement of the new rules surrounding marijuana will be shared by police, municipal bylaw officers and provincial regulators depending on the circumstances involved. "Some provinces have more up and running [stores], others don't, but I think they're taking a pretty common-sense, pragmatic and measured approach to get new stores in line".

Hinze says the new report found problems with a full 95 per cent of Canadian cannabis companies' reporting yet that in no instances was there indication of deliberate attempts to mislead investors, which he says is a positive. Ontario will have no legal brick-and-mortar outlets but will have an online store. This is in contrast with Toronto police, which carried out sweeping raids of pot shops in 2016.

He said Canadians should be aware "that different infractions involve difference agencies and different response times depending on the risk to public safety". Statistics Canada found 16 per cent of Canadians, or 4.6 million people, have consumed marijuana in the last three months, Palmer noted.

"So with millions of Canadians using an illicit drug supply for decades and decades in our country, when the law changes on the 17th you're not going to see a big change overnight". - Same buzz, no hangover -But others, including the Distilled Spirits Council, an industry body representing liquor makers in the United States, say sales have not been hurt."It is still too soon to say one way or the other", said Keith Villa, a Colorado brewmaster.Creator of the popular Belgian-style "Blue Moon" wheat beer, Villa plans to market a non-alcoholic brew containing THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana."As with a regular beer, you get a buzz that is similar to the alcohol buzz", he said.

While some policing agencies like the VPD have decided against using the federally approved Drager DrugTest 5000 to test drivers suspected of cannabis impairment, Palmer said there are other effective roadside tests.

"I think that's going to have a profound influence on what happens in terms of how these things are licensed municipally", Larsen tells NEWS 1130, saying changes in local government are nearly more important than the actual legalization.

But Palmer said there are 13,000 officers trained in standard field sobriety testing in Canada and that number is expected to rise to 20,000 in the next several years. There are also over 800 drug screening experts with roughly 500 more to come. Fentanyl, for example, kills 11 Canadians a day.

With the countdown to legal cannabis now measurable in hours, many retailers, police forces, and the general public are still curious and uncertain about how the rollout will go.

"We're hoping that with the new laws and regulations that they will be able to eliminate them significantly".

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