Fans blast Piers Morgan for mocking Daniel Craig's parenting

Angelo Anderson
October 17, 2018

The father of four made his opinion known this week and simultaneously got Twitter fired up by posting a photo of Daniel Craig carrying his newborn daughter in a "papoose".

The "Captain America" star joined in the criticism and tweeted a fierce rebuttal of Piers interpretation of masculinity.

Some users responded by calling Morgan names - "insecure manbaby" and worse.

The tweet quickly went viral, with people slamming Morgan for suggesting that carrying your baby around in a papoose-an old term for a baby sling that is as outdated as Morgan's viewpoint-could possibly be emasculating.

Most comments defended Craig, who also has an older daughter from a previous marriage, for using the carrier to transport his child while walking in NY. Innocent enough, you would think - but not to "GMB" presenter Morgan it wasn't.

And some men responded with photos of themselves wearing baby carriers.

This time the Good Morning Britain host made a decision to mock Daniel Craig for carrying his child in a papoose.

Many were offended by Piers' comments and were confused as to why it was emasculating for Daniel Craig to carry his child. "I don't really have you down as a papoose kinda guy, but then you're full of surprises".

Captain America has James Bond's back.

Naturally, he nominated himself.

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