Google boasts Titan M security chip in Pixel 3

Doris Richards
October 18, 2018

This should not be confused with the Titan Security Key, Google's two-factor authentication dongle, but it's related to Titan, a custom security chip used in Google's data centers. The Titan M Chip integrates deep security at the hardware level, starting with the bootloader.

When Google revealed the data centre Titan chip past year, the Chocolate Factory said its objective was to provide a "hardware-verified boot and end-to-end authenticated root of trust" for its servers.

If you're interested in ordering your Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL or any Pixel 3 accessory from the Google Store, click on the sourcelink below. Titan M boasts completely independent computation alongside secured flash to further resist tampering. Here, Titan M works with the bootloader to verify that you're running the newest, safest version of Android.

Titan M also limits the amount of logon attempts with your passcode, helping to prevent malicious decryption. On the other hand, Best Buy still has the phones up for pre-order only.

That helps explain the PIxel 3 and Pixel 3 XL's great results for color gamut, accuracy and more in DisplayMate's latest phone display tests.

Titan M likewise brings Protected Confirmation on Android 9, which is an API designed for protecting "the most security-critical operations", according to Google.

Finally, Google also built Titan M with "insider attack resistance", meaning the firmware can't be updated unless you've entered your passcode, leaving bad actors trying to bypass the lock screen out of luck.

At Google, the 64GB Pixel 3 is priced at $799, or 24 monthly payments of $33.29.

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