Sean Bean joins Hitman 2 as the first Elusive Target

Doris Richards
October 18, 2018

You can see Bean in action in the video announcement at the top of the article where we see the actor as Mark Faba, a man that can be seen opening up to this therapist about his approach to contract killing. Consequently, the ICA has put a huge bounty on The Undying's head.

For those who haven't played Hitman recently, Elusive Targets are limited-time assassination opportunities. If you fudge the mission, let the target escape, die, or fail in any way, the result is set in stone and can't be attempted again. On the other hand, a Silent Assassin rating will see you achieve leaderboard notoriety.

Are you looking forward to taking down the Elusive Targets in Hitman 2? Interactive Entertainment and developer IO Interactive announced. Personally, given that my first impression of him ever was as a kind farmer in Black Beauty - one of the first movies I can remember seeing as a little sprite - I'm not entirely sure I even want to be one of the many who have offed his characters.

Faba will be the first target that debuts in the game, debuting on November 20. It's unclear whether Bean will be fulfilling similar duties as an Elusive Target or as a target in the story. Who else could it be? And will Sean Bean be one of several high-profile targets for Hitman 2? With the game itself releasing on November 13 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, that gives players enough time to get their bearings before the mission itself goes live and Bean dies once more. "That's the beauty of it", he remarks, before taking out a gun and eliminating the psychiatrist in a video that's revealed to be a message to Agent 47.

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