Banksy Shredding Prank Malfunctioned, Artist Says in Video

Angelo Anderson
October 19, 2018

Nearly two weeks after Banksy shared a short video via Instagram confirming that he was behind the shredding of his famous Girl With Balloon artwork while at auction, the artist has released a director's cut video documenting the stunt.

Now, Banksy has uploaded a video suggesting the entire canvas was supposed to shred, and not just two thirds of it.

The anonymous artist also said the auction house had not been let into the secret, posting on Instagram: "Some people think it didn't really shred".

The video, which runs a mere three minutes, expands on the previous video, showing more of the shredder being surreptitiously installed in the frame, more of the patrons of Sotheby's obliviously drinking champagne and chatting before the now-infamous auction, more of the auction itself, and more of the shredding itself.

Image: The video shows the shredder being inserted.

After the prank, the piece was granted certification by Pest Control, Banksy's authentication body, and was given the new title Love Is In The Bin.

Sotheby's has confirmed that the buyer, a long-standing female client, still wants to take the work for the agreed price.

In the video, we see new footage of the "Girl with Balloon" artwork being auctioned off.

The artwork was signed and dedicated and the vendor acquired it from the artist in 2006, the auction house said.

The lot was estimated to sell for £200,000 to £300,000 before the auction.

But the stunt may have caused the work's value to skyrocket - leading many cynics to believe the anti-establishment artist was in cahoots with the auction house. Despite claims to the contrary, however, the work actually fell short of Banksy's artist record at auction-set with the sale of Keep it Spotless (2007) for $1,870,000 at Sotheby's NY in February 2008.

Other recent works included the opening of Dismaland, his dystopian, Disneyland-esque theme park in 2015, which he described as a "family theme park unsuitable for children".

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