Canada bhang stores run out of supplies, more line-ups

Lester Mason
October 19, 2018

Adults can now legally buy cannabis oil, seeds, plants and dried cannabis from licensed producers and retailers and possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in public.

South Africa allows the use of marijuana in private, but it is still a criminal offence to sale it. Pot is legal for medical purposes in 31 states. According to some estimates, government websites processed 100 orders per minute while waiting lines stretched for blocks outside many dispensaries across the country as legalization rolled out.

There's lots of money to be made.


"The first day of recreational sales in Canada appears to have been a success highlighted by the long lines and enthusiasm from shoppers", said GMP Securities analyst Martin Landry, after his research team visited retail stores in four different provinces to take the pulse of shoppers. Perry reiterated that it does not matter if an American is crossing between a state that has legalized recreational marijuana and Canada, like in Vermont, or Washington.

Day two of legal recreational cannabis in Canada on Thursday saw more long lineups outside pot stores and supply shortages in parts of the country.

Perry says USA border agents could make inquiries if they witness unusual behavior by travelers or are alerted by the police dogs used at the crossings.

Ontario, home to Canada's most populous city, Toronto, will have no stores until April 2019 due to a change in the province's retail model by a new provincial government.

For now, Vancouverites (that are 19 years of age or older) will be able to purchase legal cannabis online, or by travelling to Kamloops to check out the only currently open brick-and-mortar store.

Via BC Cannabis Stores
Via BC Cannabis Stores

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney has joined the board of directors of a US cannabis company. Others include former U.S. House speaker John Boehner and ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox. In Quebec, a newly-elected government has promised to hike it to 21.

"We're not legalising cannabis because we think it's good for our health", Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

Boom time. Reminiscent of the dot-com boom or the end of prohibition, many Canadians are looking forward to their marijuana industry gaining legitimacy.

There will be no fees involved. A law enacted last month will make that process easier by requiring the California Department of Justice to identify marijuana convictions that are "potentially eligible" for expungement or reclassification and making the changes automatic unless prosecutors object. The governing Liberal Party holds a majority in Parliament, so passage is largely assured.

Trudeau also says he has no intention of using marijuana now that it became legal in Canada on Wednesday.

"Senior government officials" told the CBC, Canada's state television network, that they're working on laying out a process that would allow those convicted of minor pot offenses to fill out a form and apply directly to the Canadian government to have their convictions officially expunged. He says the initiative is about basic fairness. Getting pulled over while high as a kite is still going to land you in some trouble, as it obviously should.

Marijuana went on sale Wednesday morning in Canada.

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