Trump threatens Honduras with aid cut unless new ‘caravan of people’ stopped

Lester Mason
October 19, 2018

And US President Donald Trump has already weighed in, threatening to cut foreign aid to Honduras if the group isn't brought back to the Central American country.The caravan, which organizers say numbers thousands of people, formed in the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on Saturday and crossed into Guatemala on Monday.Members of the group told CNN en Español that they chose to join the caravan and head to the US because of insecurity and a lack of jobs in Honduras.The big question: Will authorities detain them before they reach the US border?

US President Donald Trump warned in a Twitter post on Tuesday that the United States would cut all aid to Honduras if the country's president does not stop a caravan of migrants headed toward the US border.

The group's numbers have snowballed since about 160 migrants departed Friday from the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula, with many people joining spontaneously while carrying just a few belongings.

Three weeks before the USA elections, the caravan was bound to draw Trump's ire.

Trump has previously threatened Honduras over its aid in April, because of a previous caravan, but did not follow through. About 65 percent of Honduras' people are poor and many get by on the equivalent of a dollar or two a day.

An estimated 1,300 men, women and children have begun the long march from Honduras north through Guatemala and Mexico, to what they hope will be a successful crossing of the border into the United States.

Organizers of that caravan, the immigrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, released a statement Tuesday in support of the new caravan.

They say they will turn away anyone who doesn't meet Mexico's immigration requirements.

Honduran migrants walk past a roadblock of Guatemalan police as they make their way to the USA on Monday.

Guatemala announced it would stop the group from entering if they did not have the proper visas.

Previously, Guatemala's Institute of Migration had said the country "does not promote or endorse irregular migration in any forms" and said the caravan was not respecting the nation's migration laws.

Mexico said it intends to stop the caravan.

It accuses unidentified "political sectors" of organizing the caravan with "false promises" of a transit visa through Mexico and the opportunity to seek asylum in the United States.

-Associated Press writer Sonia Perez D.

"Spoke with Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales about caravan heading for the USA and made clear our borders and sovereignty must be maintained".

The group's organizer was detained Tuesday morning, Reuters reported.

It was not clear how Honduras would be able to exercise control over people who had already left the country.

Anybody entering the United States illegally will be arrested and detained, prior to being sent back to their country!

"If you try to enter the United States, you will be detained and deported", Arreaga said in Spanish. "Your attempt to migrate will fail".

The group was met by about 100 Guatemalan police officers, some in riot gear, at the border.

But the statement said all cases must be processed individually, suggesting that authorities have no intention of letting the migrants simply cross the border en masse without going through standard immigration procedures.

"Migration is a human right", Hernandez said.

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