United States doubts Russian Federation claim of IS hostage-taking in Syria

Lester Mason
October 19, 2018

"Everything started with the tragic events in schools in the USA", he said at a forum in Sochi, adding that unstable young people were creating "fake heroes for themselves" and "reaching out for a surrogate for heroism in the absence of the real thing".

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday (Oct 18) said the mass school shooting in Crimea a day before was the result of "globalisation" and the continuation of an American trend.

Speaking at a conference in Sochi on Thursday, Putin said ISIS seized almost 700 hostages in parts of Syria controlled by US -backed forces.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a signing ceremony following a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia October 17, 2018.

The hostages included several USA and European nationals, the Russian leader said, adding that IS was expanding its control in territory on the left bank of the River Euphrates which had been controlled by United States and US-backed forces.

Mr Putin said threats have been made against the lives of the hostages, which include several USA and European nationals.

The leader said the situation in Syria remains hard, especially in the east of Euphrates, where USA and European Union citizens were among 700 people taken hostage by Daesh.

He did not specify what the terrorists' demands were.

"They killed 10 people the day before yesterday", he said.

But in Washington, the U.S. military cast doubt on Putin's claims.

"We are also unaware of any United States nationals located in that camp", he added.

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