Alexa Can Now Whisper to Avoid Waking Your Baby

Doris Richards
October 20, 2018

And Amazon is tackling that problem with a new Whisper Mode for Alexa and Alexa-powered devices.

It comes in response to complaints from customers that Alexa wakes up their partners, children and pets. Called "whisper mode", the feature finally began to roll out to Echo users in the United States on Friday. To enable it in the app, open your settings menu, tap "Alexa Account", then head into "Alexa Voice Responses" and toggle "Whispered Responses". There's no word regarding when Whisper Mode might launch to global markets.

When enabled, Alexa will be able to detect when you're whispering, and when she responds, she'll whisper back instead of talking at her normal volume.

Whisper Mode could prove particularly useful for parents anxious about waking up their children or simply those looking to keep the noise down in the morning or evening for various reasons. TechCrunch also notes that you can turn on Whisper Mode by saying - what else?

The idea behind this feature is training Alexa to recognize conversational cues.

The feature was announced last month and forms part of Amazon's efforts to make its Alexa assistant sound more human-like.

'Its judgment about any given snippet - is this a whisper? is this an alarm? - factors in its judgments about preceding snippets, so it can learn systematic relationships between segments of an audio signal that are separated in time, ' Prasad said.

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