Time to obey the rules on legal cannabis: McLellan

Lloyd Doyle
October 21, 2018

As the marijuana debate rages on in New Jersey, I believe law makers should focus on decriminalization rather than legalization.

Turns out, Clarke didn't have to go almost so far to open his own retail cannabis outlet.

Is the legalization of recreational pot, or its more benign term cannabis, an exploitation of our country's youth and "wanna be" greedy entrepreneurs under the guise of keeping our children safe from black market pot dealers?

"I am living my dream".

Cannabis connoisseurs appear to have embraced the new system as massive queues formed outside numerous 111 legal pot shops now open around the country. Most notably, Ontario's online store had a mixup with its listing for "intimate" spray, meant to be used to reduce genital inflammation, which was mis-labeled as an oral product to be sprayed under the tongue. The most populous province is working on its regulations and does not expect stores until next spring.

Canadians everywhere will be able to order marijuana products through websites run by provinces or private retailers and have it delivered to their homes by mail.

Ryan Bose, 48, a Lyft driver in Toronto, said it is about time.

Marijuana for medical purposes has been legal in Canada since 2001. Intellectual PropertyCannabis: From mystery to medical intellectual property In his article looking at the medical silver lining of legal cannabis, IP lawyer Noel Courage writes: "If a company spends millions of dollars on R&D, they need to have strong IP to recoup that investment". FamilyIt's time to put the we in weed: Family law and legalized cannabis Family law arbitrator John-Paul E. Boyd writes in his column: "The use and abuse of substances arises most frequently in family law matters as a point of attack on a party's parenting capacity and an express route to the moral high ground".

"Now that our neighbour to the north is opening its legal cannabis market, the longer we delay, the longer we miss out on potentially significant economic opportunities for OR and other states across the country", Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat who represents OR, one of the legal marijuana states, called prohibition a "failed policy that wastes resources and destroys lives". Around 800 sales were made at the only government-run store open on Day 1. Under Canada's new federal cannabis act, adults will be allowed to possess, carry and share with other adults up to 30 grams of dried cannabis.

Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of OR said it is time for the USA government to follow Canada's lead.

For decades the USA required other nations to cooperate in the drug war or risk losing foreign aid, even as some Latin American countries wracked by violence criticized America for failing to curb its appetite for cocaine, marijuana and other drugs.

As Canada welcomes legalisation, supply shortages could develop, as happened in some U.S. states when legalisation arrived.

"We're aware of some of the kinks or growing pains that come with creating an industry out of whole cloth in 24 months", Fencott said.

Brenda Tobin and her son Trevor plan to open their shop in Labrador City in Newfoundland and Labrador at 4.20pm on Wednesday - 420 is slang for the consumption of cannabis. Tobin, a longtime convenience store owner, said they will be cutting a ribbon and cake.

"I am going to frame it and hang it on my wall", said Power, 46. She hopes to make money from pipes, bongs and marijuana paraphernalia. "That's not even paying someone's salary".

"It's a historic day, a real first", said Alain Brunet, project manager for the Quebec's government corporation overseeing the stores. It's the second nation - and by far the largest - with countrywide legalization of so-called recreational pot.

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