Samsung's updated mixed-reality headset goes on sale October 22nd

Doris Richards
October 22, 2018

Samsung on Monday launched the HMD Odyssey+, an upgraded version of its original Odyssey mixed reality headset with an improved display created to reduce dizziness and nausea.

Samsung is talking about what is commonly referred to as the screen door effect. The display resolution remains the same as the original headset (2880×1600), but the anti-SDE tech will reduce the chances of users seeing gaps between pixels. Of course, removing the screen door effect will also help with immersion, which is a big thing for virtual reality.

With the Odysseey+, you're still getting the same dual 3.5-inch displays, which each output at 1,440 x 1,600 and have a field of view of 110-degrees. According to Samsung, the anti-SDE AMOLED display works by applying "a grid that diffuses light coming from each pixel and replicating the picture to areas around each pixel". The breathable anti-fog material of the Odyssey+'s face padding ensures the inside of the eye box doesn't mist up, allowing anyone to use the headset for extended hours.

So, while it it probably isn't worth an upgrade for those who already own an original HMD Odyssey, it sounds like the Odyssey+ is certainly worth considering for those who are looking into Windows Mixed Reality for the first time. A refined controller can act as a flashlight in the event you need to duck back into the real world and find something in your VR cave, but past that, the headset sticks with the AKG audio hardware, dedicated interpupillary distance adjustment, and inside-out tracking that Samsung introduced with its first Odyssey. Samsung will also expand the availability to other countries including Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

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