Students Got Sick After School Cafeteria Served Kangaroo Meat Chili

Lloyd Doyle
October 22, 2018

The school wound up firing their head cook and promising parents they'd never serve kangaroo again.

In a letter, the school district wrote Wednesday that Frei mixed the kangaroo meat with beef in a chili he served October 10, USA Today reports. The lunch containing kangaroo meat was served on October 10.

According to superintendent Mike Williams, Frei believed the meat-which has been touted for its leanness and flavors-would give the chili a nutritional boost.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that Frei no longer works for the school district. No further information was given about Frei's dismissal and Williams has denied requests for comment.

Kevin Frei tossed a little kangaroo meat into his pot of chili-harmlessly, he thought.

If the district were to serve food with unusual ingredients, the superintendent said those ingredients should be listed on the menu so people are aware of what they're eating.

While the superintendent stated that he does not believe that the kangaroo meat was unhealthy or unsafe because it met USDA standards for sale, the district vowed to not serve food of this nature again. Consuming kangaroo meat is common in Australia, as well as in France and Germany.

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