N.J. Health Dept.: 6 Children Dead Due To Outbreak Of Adenovirus

Leslie Hanson
October 23, 2018

Six children have died and another 12 have fallen ill after a "severe outbreak" of a potentially life-threatening virus at a New Jersey health facility.

The adenovirus mimics cold and flu-like symptoms and infected 18 youth with compromised immune systems at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Haskell, the health department said Tuesday.

Adenoviruses are the cause of everyday infections like the common cold, bronchitis, pink eye and respiratory tract infections, but the highly contagious viruses can be much more risky to people with already compromised immune systems. "The combination of a worse strain of adenovirus together with a fragile population has led to a more severe outbreak".

"Adenoviruses are a family of viruses that often cause mild illness, particularly in young children", Department of Health director of communications Donna Leusner told CBS 2.

State officials were first notified of respiratory illnesses at the center on October 9, officials said.

Health officials said there is an "ongoing outbreak investigation" underway and that an inspection team from the agency has been investigating at the facility in Haskell.

Officials say that this strain is typically associated with a disease in communal living spaces.

A team from the Department of Health is investigating the possible causes of the outbreak.

According to NJ.com, in addition to housing pediatric patients, the facility also serves as an adult nursing home and rehabilitation center for short- and long-term care.

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